This insecticide is a great fly spray or fly killer it is very concentrated so a little does a great job with low odor.

Metered Insecticide spray for  metering cabinets, you set time to spray.

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Control Insecticide, Metered Insecticide Spray or Fly Spray

This specialty item is designed for insect control using automatic metered aerosol dispensers. The lightly lime scented, solvent based formula contains dual synergized 0.923% natural pyrethrin and will treat up to 6000 cubic feet of space by discharging 54 micrograms every 15 minutes. An excellent choice for waste receptacles, storage rooms, barns, kennels, and more, it is even USDA F1 for use in food processing & handling facilities.
COLOR: Light Yellow         FRAGRANCE: Lime      DILUTION: Aerosol
Phone 1-800-366-5022 Price $ 87.00 Per Case oof 12 cans  Purchase Here