587 C-LEX
This unique product is a selective herbicide designed for control of broadleaf weeds only such as buckhorn plantains, dandelion, curled dock, wild onion, and more. Utilizing 13.2% 2, 4-D, the yeaB00round herbicide has excellent top kill and root kill even on seedlets and sprouts and is ideal for use on lawn or turf areas as it will not harm most grasses. For use on golf courses, park grounds, landscaped offices, and commercial properities, the dilutable waterbased concentrate covers 1000 square feet with 1-2 gallons of diluted product and is very economical in use.
This concentrated, water based product is ideal for use as a selective broadleaf weed control. The blend of three active 2,4-D isomer salts makes this formula highly effective for use in ornamental lawns and turf grasses. Some of the varieties of weeds controlled by the proper use of Tri-Kill include clover, dandelion, poison ivy, poison oak, ragweed and many other broadleaf weeds. Drift or runoff may adversely affect aquatic invertebrates and nontarget plants. As a result, do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present. Herbicidal action is usually seen within a few days, with leaves beginning to curl. This product is a selective companion to the Glypho Kill series of nonselective herbicides.