Fogging Applications

ODOR CONTROL (Deodorants, Odor Neutralizers)

METHOD: Portable hand-held, drum mounted or Sentinel II units. Continuous running or timer controlled.


SANITIZING (Biocides, Disinfectants)


1) Hospitals: after patient leaves room and clean-up is complete, fog to eliminate germs. May be walk thru, stationary, and/or timer controlled. Hand-held or drum mounted on cart.

2) Veterinary clinics, schools and day care centers: Fog during off hours to eliminate germs. Hand-held units.

3) Poultry and other production agriculture: Fog biocides after pressure washing or other routine clean-up operations after each production cycle. Hand-held, drum mounted (on dolly), or Sentinel II units.

4) Air conditioning duct cleaning: After cleaning, fog with a biocide to control regrowth of bacterial or fungal organisms. Noz-L-Jet.



METHOD: Drum mounted units, Sentinel II series, including water supply connections (in-line mixing optional).


PEST CONTROL (Insectides, Fumigants)

METHOD: Walk thru, stationary or turntable (may be timer controlled), dolly mounted drum fogger, Noz-L-Jet, Sentinel II series (depending on size and mobility needs).

Always read and follow use instructions on the chemical label.

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