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This hot tank powder compound removes heavy grease, oil, sludge, rust, paint, and scale from ferrous metal parts, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, oil pans, etc. made of steel, iron, stainless, and other ferrous metals. Do not use hot tank cleaner with aluminum, zinc galvanizing, copper, brass, bronze, tin or magnesium. Do not use hot tank cleaner on painted surfaces unless paint removal is desired.
DIRECTIONS: Use 1/2 to 1 pound of hot tank cleaner per gallon of water. To charge the tank, add the Hot Tank Powder slowly to cold water to avoid spattering and boil over. Do not add to hot water. Maintain the strength of the solution by periodic additions of hot tank cleaner. For optimum cleaning, the tank solution should be heated to a minimum of 180F. For heavy cleaning, the temperature should be raised to at least 210F. With the proper conditions of temperature and solution strength, cleaning time will vary from 15 minutes up to an hour or more. Cleaning will be faster in agitated tanks and fresh solutions. Freshly cleaned parts should be thoroughly flushed with water and dried with compressed air (or wiped down) to prevent flash rusting. This is a low foaming solution that may also be used in cabinet sprayer washers.

DANGER POISON:  HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED CAUSES SEVERE BURNS- Contains sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes and clothing. Wear face shield, rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling.

External: Remove contaminated clothing and launder before reuse. Flood skin with water then wash with vinegar.
Internal: Drink large quantities of water followed with citrus fruit juice. Call physician or poison control center immediately.
Eyes: Call a physician immediately. Flush eyes and under eyelids with plenty of cool water until medical help arrives.

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