E.P.A. Accepted as "Tamper Proof"

#R910-TP-10 Metal Station $19.18 ea

#R903-TP-10 Plastic Station $17.06 ea
These Tamper-Proof Bait Stations allow effective rodent control that meets or exceeds EPA criteria for "Tamper-Proof". Both come complete with single-bolt locking devices that secure the lid with a metal to metal connector which is far superior to a metal to plastic or plastic to plastic connector. Also included is an Allen Key wrench. Both may be used indoors and outdoors when properly secured.
Product # R903-TP-10 plastic Tamper-Proof Bait Station feature a baffle design to restrict entry by children and non-target animals and help prevent bait from being kicked out by rodents. Made of tough rigid plastic, which will support a 250-pound person! Unique triangular design allows placement in corners or against straight walls. To overcome rat neophobia, these stations incorporate air vents proven to overcome rats’ fear of new places and increase bait acceptance. Two feeding areas that hold up to 2 pounds of bait each. EPA approved locking hardware is included. Measures 13" L. x 17" W. x 4 ˝" H. Comes with a warning service log label. Packed 6 per case.
Product # R910-TP-10 metal Tamper-Proof Bait Stations are built to take a beating with heavy-gauge galvanized steel for indoor and outdoor use. Also included is a black plastic insert to insulate interior against cold metal with separate compartments for bait and water. Fabricated of heavy-duty galvanized steel, it features a seamless base for structural strength. Holes in base enable it to be secured to floor. A special overhanging Snap-On lid with EPA approved locking device secures the unit. Packed 12 per case.

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