Black light for rodent detection, lice detection light or counterfeit currency detection

120 Volt Internal Rechargeable lead acid battery, eliminating replacements.  One full charge (24 hours) gives 5 to 7 hours of operation.  This unit is equipped with built in chargers that plug into wall outlet for intermittent or continuous recharging.  Dual bulb 6 watt black light - rechargeable and portable.  365 NM black light bulbs are long range type self-filtering.  (Replacement bulb #F6T5BLB)  Product # RUVA-26-10 can operate with either tube or both tubes simultaneously.  Single tube operation extends batter life while dual tube operation substantially increases the output intensity. Size 10.5" length X 5.5" high X 3" wide. Weight 3 pounds.




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