New TRAPPER Tunnel is a plastic protective cover that fits on Bell Lab’s rat-size TRAPPER Glue Boards. TRAPPER Tunnel keeps dust and debris off the board, keeping  its surface tacky longer.  An economical means of extending the life of TRAPPER Glue Boards, TRAPPER Tunnel is ideal for use in dusty areas, such as food processing plants and warehouses.  TRAPPER Tunnel’s white color gives it a clean and sanitary look. The TRAPPER Tunnel also hides captured rodents and insects from sight.  Made of sturdy, ribbed plastic, TRAPPER Tunnel has tall, inviting entrance holes that can accommodate even the largest rat. This easy accessibility makes TRAPPER Tunnel and TRAPPER Glue Boards a highly effective rodent control tool.

TRAPPER Tunnel snaps easily on the rat-size TRAPPER Glue Boards and presents a professional appearance in both commercial and residential accounts. TRAPPER Tunnel and TRAPPER Glue Boards are sold separately.

Packaging: Carton of 48 tunnels. 

$121.05 per case




Non-toxic TRAPPER Glue Boards capture rats and mice easily and effectively. They are odorless and contain no poison, making them ideal for food plants, kitchens, hospitals, residences and zoos.  TRAPPER Glue Boards possess a superior adhesive that holds in a wide range of temperatures and will not sag off the board, allowing it to be used in commercial freezers and unheated areas in the winter.  A new “patent pending” design features a lower profile and tighter fit along walls where rodents travel. The smaller edge around the sturdy, plastic board prevents mice from running along the edge of the glue board and avoiding the glue.  Along with a smaller edge, the new TRAPPER Glue Boards are slightly shorter in height, yet contain the same amount of glue.  TRAPPER glue is also available in bulk form.  

Packaging: Bulk cartons of 48 rat-size trays or 96 mouse-size trays; colorful display boxes of 24 x 2 bags (rats or mouse); 4 x 1 gal. cans of bulk glue.

$91.41 per case of 48 trays

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