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B.F.E. Instantly dissolves heavy dirt, grime, oil, and grease deposits

Shop Floors:

This multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser contains a high quality butyl combined with special detergents and builders for superior performance in hot or cold water. B.F.E.  contains a special rinse additive and special anti-depositing agents to clean and rinse without leaving a residue. When using B.F.E. dilute in warm or hot water for best performance. Spray brush or mop on, and allow the cleaner to penetrate and loosen deposits, then flush away with a clean water rinse. B.F.E. may be diluted from 1 part B.F.E. to 200 parts water. For greasy shop floors dilute 1 part to 5 parts water. If using a floor machine - B.F.E. may be diluted 1 part to 25 parts water. Remove difficult or hard deposits by allowing the B.F.E. solution to saturate for approximately five minutes, rub gently with stiff brush and rinse.

Equipment :

For degreasing equipment and greasy parts dilute B.F.E. 1 part to 15 parts water.  Spray on surface and let product work for 5 to 8 minutes then rinse with high pressure wash or steam cleaner. B.F.E. also works well in a hot soak tank. This product is an amazing cleaner / degreaser.

When using B.F.E. use though a proportioning device if possible. This will make the product go farther because it will always be used properly.  Try this product! It is a labor saver and cost cutter, and people are amazed at the cleaning properties of B.F.E.

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