Heavy Duty Degreaser & Cleaner Concentrate with 12% Butyl

$6.80 Gallon Bottle

$40.20 6 Gallon Pail

$40.20 6 Gallon Bottles in a Case
Please Call 1-800-366-5022 $97.50 15 Gallon Drum
to purchase 55 or 30 gallon Drums. $275.00 55 Gallon Drum $165.00 30 Gallon Drum

This multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser contains special detergents, builders and butyl degreasers to instantly dissolve heavy dirt, grime, oil, and grease deposits.

DirectionsDilute in warm or hot water for the best performance.  Spray, brush, or mop on and allow the cleaner to penetrate and loosen deposits, the flush away with a clean water rinse.

For Cleaning Floors

Floor Types: Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum tile, Ceramic, terrazzo and concrete.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 50 parts water.

For General Cleaning

For Use On:  Walls, Greasy Floors, Gymnasiums, White wall tires, rubber and wooden mats, Floor machine pads and brushes, swimming pools, spas and shower rooms.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 30 parts water.

For The Removal of Wax

For Use On:  Asphalt tile, vinyl floors, terrazzo, concrete, and all other hard and resilient floors.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 10 parts water.

For Light Cleaning

For Use On:  Lockers, files, cabinets, painted surfaces, and light cleaning on decorative surfaces.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 64 parts water.

For Household & Appliance Cleaning

For Use On:  Fans & Ducts, motor shells, brick walls, counter & hoods, greasy parts, skylights, refrigerator and air conditioner coils.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 12 parts water.

For Auto and Appliance Cleaning

For Use On:  Auto, Bus, Truck and Equipment parts.  Engines, transmissions and chassis.  Ovens, fryers and grills.  Kitchen hoods and air filters.

Use one part detergent concentrate with up to 7 parts water.

To Remove difficult or hard deposits, allow the detergent solution to saturate for approximately five minutes, rub gently with steel wool, and rinse.


  Harmful if Swallowed.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes and prolonged contact with skin.  Keep out of reach of children.


External - Flush with water.

Eyes - Flush with plenty of cool water for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical attention.

Internal - Drink large quantities of water followed with citrus fruit juice. Call physician immediately.

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