Please call 1-800-366-5022 $7.25  Gallon Bottle
to purchase 30 or 55 gallon drums. $42.00  6 Gallon Bottles in a Case

$165.00  30 Gallon Drum

$42.00  6 Gallon Container

$275.00  55 Gallon Drum

$90.00  15 Gallon Drum

New Biodegradable Cleaner and Degreaser

Mining Degreaser is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-abrasive. This revolutionary product cleans grease, grime and dirt from tools, concrete floors, upholstery, vinyl, carpeting, equipment, engines and power trains. This product may be used in parts washers, through pressure washer and low-pressure sprayers, and floor scrubbing equipment. Mining Degreaser eliminates the need for many other specialized and often hazardous products. This product out performs many specialized products.  Mining Degreaser should always be diluted from its concentrated form. This product is very economical when used as directed by a LYN DISTRIBUTING representative.  Mining Degreaser is free rinsing and may be used with all water temperatures. Mining Degreaser is great for cleaning printing equipment, and inks and grime from presses.  Mining Degreaser maybe used for window cleaning when diluted 1 part to 150 parts water. When using on fabric be sure to test fabric first for color fastness. Mining Degreaser maybe diluted 1 part cleaner concentrate to 25 parts water for cleaning dirt, grease, and grime from shop floors. Mining Degreaser does a great job that you will see by trying this product, this product comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, or product may be return at no cost to the user. This product contains no phosphates and has a controlled pH of less than 13. This product has an independent laboratory certification. 

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