High Foaming Vehicle Cleaner

Pressure Washer Cleaner

$7.00  Gallon Bottle Please call 1-800-366-5022
$39.00  6 Gallon Container to purchase 30 or 55 gallon drums.
$39.00 6 Gallon Bottles in a Case $292.50  55 Gallon Drum
$90.00  15 Gallon Drum $171.00  30 Gallon Drum

Touchless Foam Cleaner makes vehicle cleaning easy. This product is designed to be used through a pressure washer or drive through pressure spray system to quickly remove dirt, oil, grease, road film, and exhaust from aluminum or painted surfaces without attacking the surface.  A special ionic/cationic detergent system quickly floats away road film and grease without use of brushes or other manual devices.  This product may be used manually, however, if no pressure washer is available.  

Special sequesterants keep equipment free of water mineral scale.  This product rinses freely, leaving no film or residue when used as directed.  May be used to clean any surface soiled with dirt, oil, traffic film, etc.  Brightens aluminum surfaces without the use of acid

Use on: Cars · Trucks · Buses · Airplanes ·Tank Trucks ·Aluminum Siding

Use as a one step cleaning operation, that leaves no film or residue and is safe on all surfaces.  This product is highly concentrated, dilute one part concentrate to 25 parts water for pressure cleaning of heavy soil or traffic film.  May be diluted with up to 100 parts water for light soil. 

Please note:  While this product is safe to use on aluminum and painted surfaces when diluted according to the directions, it may remove wax from surface.

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