Entrance Mats , Floor Mats, or Door Mats

Rubber Finger Mats

These rubber finger mats have 1/2” rubber fingertips that economically scrape dirt and debris from shoes to maintain floor protection. These rubber finger mats have beveled edges.
The lower profile allows doors with low clearances to open over the floor mats with ease.  Rubber finger mats work well for entrance scraper mats because of the scraping action of the flexible rubber fingers on the mat.
The border edging on these entrance mats holds dirt and water off the surface below to protect floors.  Rubber finger mats may be used for anti-fatigue mats because of the flexible fingers.
One-year wear warranty.
Entrance mats overall thickness, 5/8”
Entrance mats available in black only.

RFM2432     24" X 32"  
  RFM3239     32"  X 39"  
 RFM3672     36"  X 72" 












Tire Link Entrance Mats

These interlocking linked entrance mats utilize recycled rubber links secured with 12 gauge galvanized spring steel rods.
Dirt falls between herringbone or straight pattern for easy cleaning–simply roll up out side mat and sweep or hose the floor underneath this is a great scraper mat for shoe cleaning.
Tire link mats available in black only.  Pick weaving type from pull down tab when ordering. Special sizes are available up to 8' wide and 25' long.  Overall thickness, 5/8”.

TLM #5 20" X 30" 

TLM #6    24" X 37" 

TLM #7 24" X 48"

TLM #8 24" X 60" 
TLM #10  30" X 48" 

TLM #13 30" X 62" 

TLM #14 36" X 60" 
TLM #18 36" X 72" 


Black beveled or Square Nosing Available on these floor mats.

 Black Beveled Nosing or Square Nosing Around Entire Entrance Mat.   Pricing Below:

New lower pricing on Entrance mats.

                             was           new price

BNSN  24" X 36" 

BNSN 30" X 48"

BNSN  30" X 60"

BNSN  36" X 72"

BNSN 48" x 60"

BNSN  48" X 72"



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Rubberized Fabric Link Entrance Mats

This entrance mat has pile top rubberized fabric links made from recycled tires woven on  galvanized steel rods.  The carpet like nap and open mesh construction absorb moisture and trap dirt from foot traffic.  Outstanding combination of attractive appearance and utility service from these floor mats.  Tough nap resists wear and retains its soft texture even in high traffic locations.  These floor mats are easily rolled for convenient cleaning and storage.  Very durable entrance mats.  Beveled  or square nosing may be added to this floor mat.  Square nosing is used for recessed entrance mats,  and beveled nosing for surface entrance mats if desired.

Special sizes are available up to 8' wide and 25' long.  Overall thickness approximately 3/4”on this floor mat.

FLM #4 17" X 25" 

FLM #5 20" X 30"

FLM #6    24" X 37"
FLM #10  30" X 48" 
FLM #13 30" X 62"
FLM #18 36" X 72"


Black beveled or Square Nosing Available.

Black Beveled Nosing or Square Nosing Around Entire Entrance Mat.   Pricing Below:

FLMBNSN  24" X 36"  

FLMBNSN 30" X 48" 

FLMBNSN 30" X 60" 

FLMBNSN  36" X 72" 

FLMBNSN 48" x 60"  

FLMBNSN  48" X 72" 



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