Resilient Vinyl Loop Matting

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     Gypsy matting  is a great barrier for tracked in mud, sand and snow.  This vinyl looped mat is constructed of a soft, durable vinyl surface in a random loop pattern and is backed in a heavy-duty vinyl base for superior resilience and wear.  The looped design traps dirt and promotes a safe, non-slip floor.  With its rugged construction and weather resistant characteristics, this indoor/outdoor mat is essential for maintaining clean, safe floors.

     Gypsy matting is easy to keep clean by shaking, vacuuming or spraying with an ordinary garden hose.

     This Gypsy vinyl mat is also available unbacked for use in saunas, locker rooms, shower rooms and around swimming pools and any place a wet area mat may be needed.  The open construction allows water to freely drain through the mat.  1/4" pile entrance mats.

Colors Available

*Extra Long Wear  * Use Indoors or Out  *Traps Dirt & Water  * Easy to Clean

Un-backed Floor Runners Below

3'x20' $245.20      3'x60' $709.60

4'x20' $317.60       4'x60' $943.20

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Please Note On All Vinyl Looped Mats, sizes may very 1" to 2" because of heat and cold


Sizes For Backed Mats

2'x3' $29.00

3'x4' $59.00

3'x5' $73.50

3'x6' $86.00

3'x10' $143.00

4'x6' $116.00

4'x8' $154.00

4'x10' $195.00

3'x60' $870.00

4'x60' $1160.00