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HydroChem 912 - details
HydroChems automatically dilute and dispense concentrated cleaning products in a foaming and/or spraying mode. Models for dispensing one or two products are available, both providing full volume rinse.


Simplifies and enhances sanitation with easy operation

Cleaning up is easy with the HydroChem. There's no need to mix a bucket of this or a bottle of that: everything is neat and handy with the HydroChem, and switching from one function to the next is just the twist of a handle.

You’ll find the following features in the HydroChem line:

  • Designed for both clean/rinse (one product) and clean/rinse/sanitize (two product) operations.
  • On/off can be controlled at hose end, wherever the operator may be, using accessory tools.
  • Provides a thick, rich foam for more effective cleaning.
  • High rinse flow capacity helps to rinse quickly and prevent residue.
  • Components that contact chemicals are designed for chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Clean/rinse/sanitize functions are clearly labeled for easy identification.

HydroChems not only simplify cleaning and sanitization, they deliver more effective cleaning too. The automatically diluted solution is mixed more accurately and consistently than manually mixed solutions. Since the solution is correctly diluted, it performs just as it was designed to. Labor productivity increases too, as time is spent cleaning rather than manually diluting concentrated products.



Reliable performance in a wide variety of applications

Equipment failure can cause huge problems in critical cleaning operations, and a service call can easily double or triple the cost of the equipment. HydroChems are designed for long service life even in demanding applications such as:

  • supermarket meat rooms
  • delicatessens
  • seafood shops
  • bakeries
  • any food preparation area, including full service kitchens
  • fitness facilities (locker rooms in schools, health clubs)
  • meat processing plants
  • vegetable processing and packaging areas
  • auto dealerships
  • anywhere cleaning and/or sanitizing occur and rinsing is a requirement.


HydroChem 912 specifications
Model Number of Products Eductor Flow Rate Rinse Flow Rate Approx. Dilution Range Max Approx. Dilution Range Min
911 1 3.5gpm 5.0 512:1 10:1
912 2 3.5gpm 5.0 512:1 10:1
* Leaner dilutions possible — Contact Customer Service for information.
Options and Accessories
Model Description
Prepackaged accessory kits: (everything needed to operate a HydroChem
127 Includes: (1) 1⁄2" x 6' inlet water hose (#138 below), (1) 1⁄2" x 25' discharge hose (#131 below), (1) trigger spray nozzle (10083711), and (1) foam wand (#124 below)
145 Includes: (1) 3⁄4" x 6' inlet water hose, (1) 3⁄4" x 50' discharge hose (#134 below), (1) trigger spray nozzle (10083711), and (1) foam wand (#124 below)
148 Includes: (1) 1⁄2” x 6’ inlet water hose (#138 below), (1) 1⁄2” x 25 ‘ discharge hose (#131 below), (1) multi-function nozzle (#960 below)
149 Includes: (1) 3⁄4” x 6’ inlet water hose, (1) 3⁄4” x 50’ discharge hose (#134 below), (1) multi-function nozzle (#960 below)
Hose end attachments:
120 Foam wand, garden hose connection
121 Spray nozzle with ball valve shut off, garden hose connection
122 Spray nozzle with male quick connection
123 Ball valve and female quick connect assembly (used with 122 and 124, providing hose-end control of on-off function)
124 Foam wand, male quick connect
10083711 Trigger spray nozzle with female quick connect
131 Discharge hose, black, 1⁄2" x 25'
134 Discharge hose, red, 3⁄4" x 50'
138 Inlet water hose, black, 1⁄2" x 6'
960 Multi function spray attachment
Backflow preventors:
Accessory backflow preventors are available to meet various regulatory requirements. Contact Hydro Systems for assistance in choosing the model that suits your needs.
HydroChem 912 Information

HydroChem 912 Overview

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