Quick Fill Station For Large Automatic Floor Scrubbers

LYN DISTRIBUTING'S QUICK Fill System will fill auto-scrubbers and buckets 10 times faster than conventional methods. The unique blending system utilizes state-of-the-art
super-concentrates. QUICK Fill has a 165 - 300 gallon translucent holding tank, which
mounts on standard warehouse racking or an all welded stand. The automatic water
shut off feature activates when the RTU solution tank is full, or when the RTU solution tank is empty, making it safe and easy to use.  No employee mixing or handling of detergent products.

The Quick Fill Float.
This proportioning float value dilutes the concentrated detergent to just the right mixture every time so that employees do not have to guess at the right dilution or handle concentrated cleaning products.  This chemical suction line will bring chemical from 2' -50' distances away from the mixed solution tank.  Chemical may be mixed at dilution ratios from 1 part chemical to 4 parts water to 1 part chemical to 412 parts water.  You the end user will decide the dilution ratio that works best in your facility.  The size space required for this system is 56" height, 86" wide, depth is 48".