Developed to be used as the first part of a two step cleaning system.

TR-TA may be used alone or with the second step cleaner.

This truck cleaner works great as a trailer cleaner and truck wash.  This trailer wash is a step 1 cleaner of a 2 step cleaner or can be used alone as a trailer acid.


$ 7.50 Gallon Bottle

$42.00  6 Gallon Bottles in a Case

$ 42.00  6 Gallon Headpack

$ 198.00  30 Gallon Drum

$ 250.25  55 Gallon Drum

TR - TA will clean painted and non-painted trailer panels.  TR - TA may be used on wheels, tanks, and other hard to clean areas of trailers for the transportation industry.  TR-TA may be used on concrete trucks to remove the white haze that develops from cement dust over time on the barrel and truck.  When used properly will not harm paints.  TR - TA may be used to brighten aluminum and aluminum trim on trailers.  TR - TA will help remove rust on steel hinges and wheels or other areas where rust may occur.  This product will etch glass so care should be taken to keep off mirrors and windows. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dilute one part TR - TA  with 40 to 100 parts of water.  (soft water works best and gives greatest economy)   Apply diluted solution to surface with pressure spray beginning at the bottom of the surface and working your way up.  If being used through a drive through trailer wash product will be applied to all surfaces at the same time.  Preferably a dwell time of 10 to 30 seconds before applying the 2 step of the cleaning system should occur.  Results can be seen within 5 seconds after application.   After application of the second step cleaner (TR - TN , TFC, OR POWER WASH PLUS) rinse with clear water.  This shock system of cleaning trailers is very economical and saves labor.  This system does a great job of cleaning trailers.

WARNING: Contains a mixture of fluorides and acids.  Protect face, hands, eyes and body.  If splashed on skin or eyes flush off immediately with plenty of water.  This product contains a skin guard ingredient.

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