Plastic Siphon Pump, Plastic Siphon Drum Pump,

 55 Gallon Drum, Plastic Siphon Drum Pump May be used in 30 gallon and 15-20 gallon drums

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Plastic Siphon Drum Pump  # lyn372 should be used in liquids with a  maximum fluid temperature of 140˚F  or 60˚C. 

The Maximum viscosity of the fluid to be transferred is 500 SSU. (like 85 W Gear Lube).  Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps wetted parts are polyethylene with a maximum flow rate of 7 Gallons Per Minute.   Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps mount into the 2" Male NPT opening of most 55 gallon drums or drums with a Bung Adapter, Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps work in smaller drums (15 gallon, 30-35 gallon drums) just cut suction tube at a angle to fit to bottom of the drum of your choice.  Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps have a suction tube with inside diameter of 11/16" and outside diameter of 3/4" and the length of the suction tube is 34" that can be cut for shorter drums or containers.   The drum pump has a discharge hose that is 15/16" inside diameter and the outside diameter is 1-1/16" and the length of the hose is 52". Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps have a red cap air vent that controls siphoning.   Plastic Siphon Drum Pumps will pump to higher levels and siphons to lower levels.  Open red air vent cap on this plastic siphon pump to stop siphoning.  Quick action plastic siphon pump, easily fills or empties kerosene, light oils, gasoline, mild acids, mild alkaline soaps, detergents and various water-based solvents.






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This easy to use, polyethylene plastic siphon pump siphons liquids to lower levels than the height at which the pump is installed. These are easy to prime & start within 6-7 strokes. This plastic siphon pump requires no further operation & keeps working in auto position, emptying the media being pumped. All plastic siphon pumps are equipped with a Vent Cap on top. Opening the cap stops the discharge.  To dispense media at levels higher than the pump, plastic siphon pumps bellow needs to be continuously operated.   Plastic siphon pumps are supplied complete with Flexible Corrugated Discharge tube.   Our Lyn370 plastic siphon pump fits 5 gallon pails with 1-1/2" opening for use with pails.   Pumps at 2 gallon per minute flow.  Recommended for use with water-based fluids, detergents, waxes, soaps, antifreeze, some mild acids, and other liquids compatible with pump materials of construction.  Pump should only be used with light weight materials that are compatible with pump material polyethylene.  Do not use with any media not compatible with materials used in the pump construction.   These pumps must never be used with concentrated acids, Acetone, Benzene etc.



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