Product Name: Misty Hand Sanitizer (Wipes)

Item Number: W00166-10

Description: This versatile hand sanitizing wipe is the ideal companion for every maintenance professional. The advanced formula kills 99.9% of microbes on hands in seconds. The gentle formula is pleasantly fragranced and conditions and moisturizes skin so frequent use is not a problem. This wipe is extremely convenient to use when soap and water are not around or when messy gels are unwanted. Ideal users of this wipe include:

  • Health Care Commercial Offices Government

  • Postal and Package Schools Hotels and Motels

  • Emergency Service Personnel Military, Fire and Police Food Service

  • Prisons Transportation Sports and Travel

  • Laboratories and Bioresearch Day Care & Nursing Homes

  • Anywhere Good Dermal Hygiene is Desired

  • Pre-moistened Premium Cloth Like Wipe

  • Kills 99.9% of Microbes in Seconds

  • Kills Gram Positive and Gram Negative Germs and Bacteria

  • Helps Reduce Risk of Infection from Disease

  • Pleasant Fresh Fragrance, Conditions and Moisturizes

  • The Perfect, Portable Clean-up for Hands and Face

         Product Specifications:

  • Odor: Light, alcohol

  • Appearance (Wipe): White towelette

  • Wipe dimensions: 6"x 6.5" (15.3 cm x 16.6cm)

  • Wipe count: 90 per package

  • Apperance (Liquid): Clear

  • pH (Liquid): 7-9

  • Flash Point (Liquid): 80 F

Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.115%

Inactive Ingredients:

Alkyl Polyglycoside, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, Nonoxynol 9, Polysorbate 20, Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40 B, Sorbic Acid, Tetra Sodium EDTA.

HMIS RATING: Health-1; Flammability-3; Reactivity-0; Personal Protection- .


Directions For Dispensing:

For first use, hold upright and remove entire closure to expose towels inside. Unsnap closure and pull edge of wipe in the center of the roll and press up through the "X" opening until an inch has cleared and replace cap and closure. For subsequent use, unsnap closure cap and pull wipes at a 90 angle from the container to facilitate separation. Snap the closure cap firmly to seal and protect wipes when not in use. Be sure wipe edge is clear of closure cap edge for maximum seal and longest shelf life.

Directions: Apply to affected areas. Wipe hands including nails and cuticles. Discard properly after use

Warning: For external use only. This product is not for use on wild or domestic animal bites. If you have an animal bite, consult your physician immediately. Do not use this product for more than 10 days. If the infection worsens or persists, see your physician. When using this product: Keep out of eyes. Stop use and ask a doctor If rash or irritation develops and lasts. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

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