# 1014 Polypropylene Plastic, Rotary Pump, For pumping petroleum products, water-based chemicals, chlorinated solvents, a chemical resistant rotary pump.

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump With PTFE (Teflon™ ) seal, PPS (RYTON™) vane, PP spout and suction tube.

Fuel Pump Outlet can be freely rotated from 0° to 360°

Applicable Liquids: Acid alkali pump, alcohol pump, diesel fuel pump, gasoline pump, machine oil pump, soap pump, water pump.

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Type: Rotary - Vane

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Flow: 8 ounces per rotation

Maximum Fluid Temperature: 130˚F / 54˚C
Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Mounting: 2" Male NPT Bung Adapter

Suction Tube Length: 40" Maximum

Inlet: 1-1/4" O.D.

Outlet: 1" O.D. Curved Spout

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Wetted Parts: Polypropylene, PPS (RYTON™) Vane, PTFE (Teflon™ ) seal,

Polypropylene Rotary Pump Maximum Viscosity: 40 wt oil

Option: Polyethylene Extension Hose

Net Weight: 5 pounds,  Cubic feet: 2.2'

Made from light weight, rust resistance and good abrasion resistance materials.

Ideal to use as a organic acids pump, organic alcohols pump, liquid detergent pump, diesel fuel pump, and other water soluble inorganic chemicals which are compatible with pump component materials.

Recommended for: Light oil (up to 30 wt.), Antifreeze, Windshield washer fluid, Methanol, Chlorinated solvents, Lubricants based fluids, Cleaning Solutions,  Soaps, Edible Liquids, etc.

Ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial, automotive and agricultural applications.

Supply with 2" bung adapter and a 3-piece PP suction tube to fit most 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Polypropylene Rotary Pump is self-priming unit, dispenses approximately 8 ounces per stroke.



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