Rust Remover, Phosphatizer, and Metal Prep Agent

$6.00  Gallon Bottle

$260.00  55 Gallon Drum

This concentrated blend of inorganic acids, wetting agents, detergents and water softeners is specifically  designed for the rapid removal of rust, while providing phosphatized ferrous metal surface. The detergent action helps to remove grease and oils which may have accumulated on the metal surface. Phosphatizing offers a very conducive surface for metals which are to be painted following the removal of rust. An excellent prep treatment and binder for metal surfaces to be painted. May be water diluted for lighter work.
This product is used to soften and dissolve rust from: machinery, equipment, sheet iron, carpets, bridges, pipes, concrete, metal parts, automobiles.
For rust removal: Dilute concentrate with water at a rate of 1 part concentrate to up to 3 parts water.  Solution may be applied by soaking, brushing, or spraying onto surfaces. Treatment time will vary depending upon the extent of the rust to be removed. Usually the process may be accomplished within 30 minutes, but solution may remain on surface for longer periods if required. Often it may be necessary to make a second application if rusting is extensive. Do not rinse.
As a phosphatizing and rust preventative treatment: Dilute concentrate with water at a rate of 1 part concentrate to up to 30 parts water. Apply to surface by spraying, brushing, or soaking. Allow solution to air dry, do not rinse.

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