Deluxe Powdered Concrete Cleaner Pine Cleaner

Pine oil adds extra cleaning power and deodorizes area when used.

Our finest quality powdered floor cleaner removes oil, grease, and grime from new and old concrete.  This powdered floor cleaner cleans, rinses, and bleaches to leave that new appearance to driveways, shop floors, ramps and docks.  Deluxe powdered concrete cleaner contains only environmentally safe ingredients and is safe to use.  Deluxe powdered concrete cleaner comes in two colors - orange that changes to yellow-green when wet or white  powder that stays white.  Use Deluxe Concrete cleaner in solution or sprinkle on and scrub in.  Works in hard or soft water. Deluxe Powdered Concrete Cleaner is an alkaline powder that contains no sodium hydroxide which makes it safer to use.  This product contains pine oil for extra cleaning power and will deodorize the area that it is used in.

        Deluxe powdered floor cleaner works wells on driveways, parking lots, or shop floors, painted floors on un-coated floors.  Works well on asphalt or concrete surfaces.   This pine powdered floor cleaner leaves a pleasant pine scent when used.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 2 to 4 ounces of deluxe concrete cleaner powder to a gallon of water (hot or cold) then mop the floor with this solution.  If the floor is exceptionally dirty, wet down the floor and sprinkle DELUXE CONCRETE CLEANER lightly.  Let set for 10 to 15 minutes, then agitate with stiff broom and rinse dirt away.


45 lb. Box   45 lb. Pail   100 lb. Keg   

    500 lb. drum $375.00


45 lb. Box     45 lb. Pail  100 lb. Keg    

 500 lb. drum call for current price

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