(Automotive Wash Bays)

$56.86   6 Gallon Pail

$461.31  55 Gallon Drum

RPD-400 is a highly active bactericide/ bacteriostat and fungistat. It can be used as a preservative or deodorizer in large amounts of recycled water, in the transportation industry. RPD-400 is miscible with soft or hard water ( 400ppm CaCo3) in all proportions, and is compatible with other anionics, cationics, and nonionics at the proper pH range of 7 12. RPD-400 will not contribute to corrosion of metals.
RECOMMENDED USE: 16 32 ounces RPD-400 per 100 gallons of reclaiming pit capacity.
Caution: RPD-400 is slightly toxic orally and dermally and it causes mild eye and slight skin irritation in its concentrated form. This product is not mutagenic. Contains Hexahydro1,3,5 Tris-s-triazine

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