Automotive Concentrated Vehicle Washing Kit

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This Kit was prepared to reduce shipping cost's for Car Wash Owner's everywhere.  This kit contains water softeners, wetting agents, penetrants, rinsing agents and detergent builders for an economically priced high performance car washing detergent.  This kit is easy to blend on location at your car wash.  This is a very concentrated kit to make 55 gallons of concentrated automotive wash detergent.  This kit cannot be combined until you mix it in a 55 gallon drum with soft or hard water.  This kit is a great cost cutter because is safes freight charges for the end user.
First add 27 1/2 gallons of water to an open top 55 gallon drum, then add the box of powdered product labeled builders and water softeners.  Mix this with a paddle for 3 minutes, or until powder is dissolved.  Then add the pail labeled wetting agents and penetrants to the 55 gallon drum, stir for 3 minutes then fill with soft water.  You know have a 55 gallon drum of concentrated automotive washing detergent that may be diluted as far as 1 part to 200 parts water for washing light dirt from automotive finishes.  This product is free rinsing and leaves a vehicle clean and film free.

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