This is the Smokers Station, a cigarette disposal receptacle is an attractive way to store and dispose of tobacco products.  This smoking receptacle comes in 2 attractive finishes, stainless steel, and textured black.  This fire safe cigarette can made of galvanized steel is a safe and easy way to dispose of smoking material.

Smokers Station™

The Attractive new weather resistant way to keep smokers waste under control.

Now there is an effective solution to combating smokers waste at the entrances to No Smoking facilities. Smokers' Station is an attractive wall mounted unit that clearly delivers its message (extinguish and deposit cigarette butts here) through simple distinctive graphics. Smokers' Station eliminates the potential fire danger of open top ash trays, that also attract all types of paper litter and become a soggy, messy eyesore when it rains.

Made of weather resistant galvanized steel or all stainless steel, Smokers' Station is available in wall or pole mount urn model or wall mount ash/trash model. Choose from two attractive finishes - brushed stainless or black textured and stainless that will complement any decor. Bottom hinge on front door permits easy access to fire safe galvanized steel inner liner. A standard cam lock/locks and key prevent unauthorized opening. Easily mounted with hardware provided. (Images are linked)

Surface Mount Pole In-ground Pole

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